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08 October 2007



You've just given me a really good idea.


Charlie Gower

There was a time when I really really wanted the fat Sony one. Of course I would never have gotten proper use out of it and it would now dwell in a cupboard. So perhaps it's good I never bought it...


We're currently trying to get most of these out of the cupboard and into the hands of a charity that could make use of them - if anyone has any ideas...


this is such a wonderful catalogue of your 'tools of the trade'!

Pandora Charms

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Pandora Charms

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Pandora Beads

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Pandora Beads

I really wish I hadn’t seen this as I really want one now! THANK YOU!!

Nike Soccer Cleats

Today I also saw this new understanding in action. http://www.nikesoccercleatsshoes.com While we were hanging out in the kitchen, he was staring at my mug. At first I thought this was because it has Daffy on it and was reflecting in the shiny binUntil I noticed he kept turning his head and checking out Matt's Bugs mug on the table before coming back to Daffy and making little "ha!"

Canada Goose

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Tory Burch

Apparantly, only 15% of us believe that the number 13 is unlucky. I say apparantly because on the last two occasions I've flown, I've found myself sitting in row 13 having forgotten to check in early and having to make do with the seats not desired by my fellow passengers.

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