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21 October 2007


Mark McGuinness

I wouldn't worry too much, Helen. It's a common myth that hypnosis is all down to the 'power' (or otherwise) of the hypnotist, when in fact the most important consideration is the other person - you could be the most wonderful hypnotist in the world, but if your client isn't keen or ready to enter a trance, then the chances are she won't - unless she's one of the minority who are very susceptible to direct suggestion.

Yes the headache cure is a good one. Another way to deal with a headache is to ask yourself what your body is trying to tell you by sending you a headache. E.g. if you're rushing around trying to do too much at work, then the headache might be your body's cue to slow down and chill out a bit. More on this approach from my friend John: http://reversethinking.typepad.com/


Hi Mark
That makes sense - I wasn't very good at being hypnotised either, and I think the context and setting was a problem. I was a self-conscious 19-year old, the course was run in a classroom and the lecturer was one of the most senior and eminent within the psych department. Non of which were conducive to relaxed confidence.

Thanks for the link to John's site - I'm fascinated by the interaction between the physical and the mental, so it's really interesting!

Charles Frith

I did giggle a bit at you not being able to induce hypnosis :)


Great post about hypnosis...

Its been suggested that you are either good hypnotist ot you're not;

It's just one of those things.. But you can always work on self hypnosis

Unfortunately hypnosis as a science is neither repeatable or reproducable.. ie read the same script, get different results, compare to prescribe the same pill and get the same results.

Its believed that Freud wasn't very good at hypnosis and instead developed psychoanalysis... which of course is way more lucrative.. (but that could be a cynical comment...)

Hypnosis and self hypnosis and recordings can change the way we think.. change your mind change your life :)

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Thanks for the link to John's site - I'm fascinated by the interaction between the physical and the mental, so it's really interesting!

Tory Burch

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sunil bhoi

Hypnosis is more than the silly entertainment we see in stage shows. It’s more than ‘Drift-Down-Deeper’. It’s more than just showing off for friends and family. It’s a journey inward. I encourage you to learn about inner working of yourself, as well as those of others.

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