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05 July 2007



one of my favourite, favourite books of recent times. can we do a book club thing on it? although i might have to reread to remember properly.

i remember thinking about this with a friend a few years back who thought she was in love with 2 people at the same time. i still think *that's* probably impossible, but contradictory beliefs are a wonderful human (and humane) prerogative i think.


Definitely - good idea, I've only just started it but am really enjoying it.

Will you do a post on your blog - the home of the sort of book club?


Damn straight. I read somewhere that being able to have two opposing thoughts in your head is a sign of higher intelligence. I suppose there's a fine between seeing both sides of the argument and hypocrisy though

Rob Mortimer

I love the way that people can have perfectly logical paradoxical opinions.

Thats part of what makes us so incredible as a species, that we can contradict ourselves and then understand and learn further


I remeber it as one of my favourite compliments when a group of students who had been asked to write a portrait of me for their Creative Writing Session agreed that they were fascinated by the way I could hold contradictory beliefs and be aware of it.

Thinking about it, they probably thought it should drive me batty. Maybe it should do, but hey ho!

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