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27 May 2007



I love this book too!
When I recently had a ruthless book clearance session at home I took an old copy to a second handbook shop for exchange. Despite my protestations they claimed they could not take it as no one would ever buy it.... me thinks you need to step up your campaign soon!

Mark McGuinnness

Tony Buzan's book Use Your Memory might be helpful if you want to memorize a whole book. I used it to memorize the entire plot (not the actual words) of Chaucer's Troilus & Criseyde for my finals.


Rich, if that's the copy I'm thinking of, I'm not surprised they didn't take it. It was battered! I wish I had it now though. I've bought a Penguin Modern Classic version and it's too sleek and serious looking. It's got an interesting forward by Jodi Picault though who mentions Carol Gilligan (a woman whose name gives me nightmares about the hardest essay I've ever written).

Mark - I was thinking that there must be some good advice out there about how to go about the task. Thanks. I think I'm going to try to muddle through by myself in the first instance. But I'll probably read abook on memory afterwards or once I get stuck. I'm interested to see whether I naturally stumble upon the strategies that have been proved to work. Do you still retain the Chaucer work now?

edwina Morris

As I stepped out into the bright sunlight from the darkness of the movie theatre...

Is that the first line? There is not much I remember from my education, but the Outsiders had a big impact, I loved it...


Hey Edwina - thanks for commenting.

It starts with 'when' rather than 'as' but otherwise word-for-word perfect!


The Outsiders is one of my all time favorite books. It really made a good movie too.

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