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21 March 2007



Oh yes, definitely the coffee shop. And I have several restaurant fantasies too. None of them involve me doing the actual running of the day to day. Just the set up and casually chatting with the regulars -saving them seats and suprising them with a bottle of wine on the house.

But I also dream of having a huge amount of money to invest in hiring people to turn all my business ideas into idividual companies. Either that or a big shiney cloning machine. I hate this whole having to make choices thing.


write a book about poker!!

ok run my own wine bar come deli with fabulous couches/sofas ... this was pre the starbucks world domination with purple sofas ... my dream sofas were gold ... clearly needed friend with interior design skils to share my dream


Emily, I also imagine myself swanning around serenely playing hostess rather than actually doing any work.

Harriet - I love the idea of a deli that sells wine. I'd hang out there.

Gavin Heaton

It used to be a bookshop ... but now I think a specialist wine shop ... with great wine, tastings, poetry and cheese nights ... big soft leather arm chairs, open fires, the whole communal thing.

Preferably located in the Blue Mountains outside of Sydney. Anyone want to visit?


Yeah coffee/book shop here too.

Although my standard line is that I want to go and work in a zoo. Everyone laughs when I say that but I'm serious, I love animals and think it'd be a great job.. honest!


Gavin - I'm so up for a poetry and cheese night in the Blue Mountains.

Gordon, I know someone who works in zoos as an animal psychologist-type person. She reckons she has the greatest job in the world so you might be on to something.


Offline I've learnt that my brother has always fancied owning a cotton wool factory, so he could build nests and go to sleep.

My husband imagines himself a gardener - spending most of his days mowing lawns.


I used this post in a presentation Thursday to one of the large banks (we were talking about start-up businesses).

Feel like I should say thank you or something, so thanks - nice post.


Thanks for the thanks - it's nice to know of things like this, it makes me stupidly pleased.

Northern Planner

Helen, I've thieved it too,for coffee shops strangely enough. Thanks from me as well.
Have you read Marcus' post on Starbucks?


That's so cool, thanks NP!

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