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15 February 2007


Barry A. Smith

:: Hi Helen ::

Though I presume the document you describe is confidential, if it ever becomes possible to share I would love to see it. I serve as a senior art director at a publishing house, serving in-house marketing teams, and something of the caliper of what you've described would help drive home recent discussions I've had internally regarding work beyond simple (and sometimes dreaded) create brief. I do appreciate client confidentiality, so I understand if this isn't a sharable document. I'm enjoying your newly discovered blog. I've already learned a lot. Thanks for your time. Also, you links in "qual researchers" are not live on my end. Thanks.


Hi Barry

Thanks for dropping by, in terms of sharing the document, I can but ask. I'm seeing the client next week and will see what they say.

I think I've got the links sorted now too.


Barry A. Smith

Thanks Helen. Look forward to checking out the newly live links. Let me know if the client allows you to share what sounds like a refreshing document. Take care.


Since your post is old, I am unsure if you ever figured this out but TV Bibles are a standard practice, usually written by the creator. It is generally only available to set staff, so freelancers working for the show (i.e. contract-per-episode writers) usually do not receive a copy.

Actually, freelancers watch the shows almost religiously and assume the contents of the Bible. I'd love to actually see one myself, rather than hear of such beautiful things or try to write one based on observations.

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