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29 December 2006



Potentially not such a lovely word IMHO - it puts a seemingly enchanting spin/veneer on untruths. It has been used to cover a multitude of sins including a huge slice of imprecision in the use of stated facts. It was used satirically - nay brilliantly - by Ken Dryden in a speech to the Canadian House as "something that is spoken as if true that one wants others to believe is true, that said often enough with enough voices orchestrated in behind it, might even sound true, but is not true." That cannot be a good thing surely?Great blog BTW
- love it. Cheers Mark


Hi Mark
When you put it like that I have to grudgingly agree. I still like the word though - but will only use it in nice ways!


Oh gosh Helen - I now feel like some old curmudgeon who has rather spoilt everything. Sorry. Must be the weather. :-) I shall try smiling a bit more in the morning - a la Mr. Coleman's experiments.


Don't worry. I think Christmas and holidays have brought out my naive-idealist side.

I need to toughen up again before going back to work next week.


Well stay nice until then Helen - Happy New Year and a great 2007,

Cheers Mark

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