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21 December 2006



Aha! The day is here. I am almost too excited. Can we discuss tomorrow please?


Oh absolutely - great idea!


I'll be joining in that one. Pleeeaase let it be good.

Open to everyone

They showed a generation of twentysomething themselves, it was just so accurate. Can they do it again now they're thirtysomethings? God let's hope so.

richard parker

Am I alone in thinking +10 sucked somewhat?

Annie - London Underground Blog

I was actually pleasantly surprised. I thought it started off fairly lamely but got into its stride when the arguments flared up. The Anna & Warren scenes were good, although Anna in general seemed to be much less fiery than I was expecting.

Miles was basically the same (apart from the hair) after a while - I thought he would be all chilled out & happy being rich, but was still an arse.

It was a bit disappointing to have the "Friends" style happy ending with Egg & Milly though and was about the only thing which grated with me.

Would be keen to know how other people felt about it though.

Metro thought it sucked


Richard you're definitely not alone - most of the critics agree with you!

Annie, glad you were pleasantly surprised. I've got mixed feelings which I've posted here http://comfortabledisorientation.typepad.com/my_weblog/2007/01/so_whats_the_ve.html#comments

In hindsight starting another thread wasn't a great idea - I'm blown away by how many people have googled This Life and landed here today!

Ijonas Kisselbach

I thought it was rubbish. As fan of the original I was sadly disappointed. Badly written script, over-the-top acting. Soundtrack too obvious.

Rather than being a celebration of the original its become a stain on it.

I recently watched Clerks & Clerks 2. Although the sequel was imperfect, it was a far better exploration of "what happened to them 10-years on".

Jim Bob

What was the track they played blasting out in the kitchen?


Jim Bob do you mean when Egg was cooking? If so there were a couple by The Killers but I can't remember which tracks (possibly Mr Brightside and Indie Rock & Roll)

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