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15 September 2006



I would have to say that writing can make a massive difference to how you feel. I used to keep a daily journal, and just putting the events, good and bad, down on paper, helped me through some pretty tough times.

There is something very nice about writing, the feeling it gives you. I don't get that feeling when typing.


Glad to hear writing has helped you, though obviously not that you've had tough times in the past.

I find hand writing frustrating now, it's ok for notes. But I'm too slow and make too may mistakes if I try to write longhand.

I like the way word processing gives you instant ability to edit and resort. It helps me to get my thinking straight.


I think it depends on what you expect to get from writing. Those of us who write about our thoughts will benefit from that experience, but if you are writing to impress (for whatever reason) it may be more stressful??

Writing for yourself is definitely beneficial though.


I'm doing a Creative Writing degree and I can honestly say writing is necessary for sanity (mine and my loved ones).

I start my day writing 3 pages of stuff...anything at all, just to dump the detritus in my brain. And after that I'll work on prose or poetry. One day I hope to be published. One day. I also have a blog on the go.

If I don't write, I become Pre-Menstrual Woman x2.

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