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13 September 2006



What's interesting to me is how blogging makes me (and I think people in general) nicer.

On the whole I'm a pretty miserable bloke, my mother in-law wanted me to have smiling lessons before my wedding, but blogging definitely makes me see the bright side of life. I even sometimes smile.

Suppose the interesting question is why?


Perhaps we're just all on our best behaviour?


Robbie Williams is really interesting, isn't he? Look at the documentary "Nobody Someday" if you don't believe it. Funny, sad, and self-aware. Plus he loves his football. I tried to get Nike to use him in a campaign but they thought I was joking. I think he would have been great.


Yes, funny, sad, self-aware and willing (or compelled?) to put a lot of himself 'out there' for armchair psychologists like me to study.

Have you read Feel? It provides a fascinating view on the nature of celebrity.


hi helen, thanks for the shout out. glad you liked the little idea whisper thing. i believe there was a bit of talk about little ideas at the recent APG event. wish I could've gone.

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