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26 August 2006



What a lovely bit of research. I was thinking about love letters only this morning - reading in the paper about Virginia Wolf's other half Leonard and the letters he wrote to his later girlfriend. We're losing all this stuff - diaries, correspondence, gradually, and I wonder how we'll piece together people's lives in future from what they leave behind. Emails is a bit of a depressing answer.
And it makes me think we're such creatures of habit. I'm sure that's a lot of the drive to be committed in the first place. Along with all the better reasons, of course. And the danger of habit, and the safety we seek in it, is of course in taking it all forgranted. Lots of people forget, I think, what a remarkable thing it is to be able to actually make everyday work alongside someone else.


Now that life is so easily documented - the value of each documentation is dramatically reduced.

I guess we'll leave behind a lot more visual evidence of our lives.

Northern Planner

You get to read lots of posts that make you think, few make you think about your own life.
I agree with Beeker, we take too much for granted- like parents as well.
Mum and Dad are turning 65 and it's odd to realise that they won't always be there.
I'm writing to Mum tonight and Mrs Hovells will get her first love letter in about 3 years.

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