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03 January 2007



You are ace for doing this so soon.

Yes, I think as good as it could be too. Bearing in mind the plots and issues in the original were often very contrived and a bit silly...for all its shaky camera realism.

My big feeling was sad. Sad that they'd got older and less...likeable. Sad that as soon as it started I knew it was only going to be an hour and bit of them and I was already counting. Sad that it's finished finished.

The kind of sad that's like being sad about lost frienships...so I think that makes it good, no?

I know that's a bit melancholy. But there was nothing really joyful about it was there?


I thought it was utterly dreadful. Stilted and knowing. The argument about the war felt so fake I laughed out loud.

As bad as I expected it to be (and yes I did love the original).


Oh yes, I also felt the sadness. And your right, this is exactly how it should make you feel.

Reunions where you try to 'recapture the magic' are bound to be doomed by melancholy - they're too awkward and self conscious, somewhat desperate. Rather than relive your youth, you are confronted its passing


Actually yeah the war bit was pretty dreadful. But do you remember how dreadful some of the original was? Even amongst fans? Partly why I love it.


The war bit made me laugh too. Opinions-by-numbers. I didn't mind this though.

Northern Planner

I wanted to love it, I really did, but while it had some good moments, mostly the way they interacted with each other, most of it felt forced and contrived.
I didn't want it to go over the past, but I did want to know how Milly and Egg ended up together after THAT PUNCH, what happened to Mile's wife and a few other bits.
The best bits were the characters, but honestly, only Anna's new life seemed realistic to me.
I agree that bits of the orginal were not realistic either, but it felt more earnest, this felt too self referential and tried too hard for me.
Still, it was better than the Phantom Menace.


I'm with Paul on this one. I thought it was an insult to the memory of the original series in many ways. My biggest complaint being that it tried to address some pretty big issues in a very clumsy, hackneyed way.

I thought both characters (possible exeception being Anna) and storylines (repossession in the middle of the night? And of what? A desk or two) spoke with any authenticity or offered any insight into the human condition at 30 plus.

Now, who saw In The Thick Of It. Genius.

Northern Planner

I recorded it and went to bed, easilly the best thing on at the moment. Oh joy, it was great, praise the Lord!


Except for the war bit, I thought it was brilliant.

I cheered when Portishead came on the soundtrack. Did anyone else?


Thanks everyone for your thoughts and comments. The general tone of the media reviews has been scathing and the more I read them, the more affection I feel for the show.

It was far from perfect. But now I've stopped feeling rueful over the folly of reunion, I have have a sense of happy satisfaction at reconnecting.


Scamp I cheered when Portishead came on. Inwardly. I loved the way them and Massive Attack were on the original soundtrack so much. (The Killers weren't This Life at all I thought).


I thought The Killers was a perfect choice.

As I mentioned today, trying to fit the work of a series into one show was never really gonna work but they made a good job of it.

Like.. umm.. whoever said it... I liked the way they regressed throughout the show. The opening, 'mature adult' scenes were a bit odd, but once all the old characters were established it got better.

And yes, Andrew Lincoln is always Egg, Jack isn't always Miles. Which says more for Jack than Andrew I think.

8/10 (expectations removed of course)

23e Heure

It's great that there's a thread somewhere so soon about the show.

I agree with some of the criticism re parts of the plotline (the sterotyped bailiffs being the most creaking of those).
And I was painfully conscious of the fact that Amy Jenkins must have watched The Big Chill while she wrote the script (the initial funeral plot device, and one of the group looking for impregnation being the two most blatant bits of plagiarism there)...

Not knowing how Ferdi and Warren got back together, what happened after the punch at the wedding, where Miles lost his older wife etc. just added to the delicious mystery.

All in all, none of it mattered - the gang were back, their characters were believable developments, the shooting style was the same, there were the familar knowing nods to music of the era combined with the type of music they'd be cooking to now (Killers in the kitchen - v.Egg).

I loved it, and will be pre-ordering the DVD that's out in Feb.

Philip Dear

So is that it? Do we all just let "This Life" disappear into obscurity once again?

The original series was iconic for a certain generation, and I was devastated at the time that a third series was never made. However, I got over it. Then the BBC decide to drag me back in again by repeating every episode and giving us +10. Ever since the reunion aired the media and Internet have been full of people queuing up to stick the critical boot in. Maybe it’s a testament to the fact that so many people cared so deeply about this programme and these characters that they have such strong opinions about the Reunion. Alternatively, maybe for everyone who loved the original programme there was someone who hated it and this was their chance to get their own back. Of coarse the show was disappointing...how could it not be with expectations so great? Bits of it made no sense, some of the plot devices were contrived, and the writing had some holes in it, blah blah blah. But what fun; what a glorious romp with old friends!

I still care enough to want to see these characters again, although my hopes for another series may be dashed by the mauling +10 received. Just as so many complained the show did not resolve any of the issues from the previous series; my complaint is that it created a whole new load. Ana and Warren are going to have a baby for starters! I would just love to see the fallout from that!

I waited a week before writing this to see if I cared enough to share my feelings. As I haven't thought that much about much else since I saw This Life +10 then I obviously do.


You're very wise waiting a week to post about this Philip. I've got a feeling a lot of people are struggling to let go of thinking about it - masses of people are still finding their way to my blog from googling This Life +10.

I've been thinking it would be nice in the future for there to be a set of books each telling the story of one of the characters. It would be a great way of filling in details, enriching their stories and avoiding the problems of a one-off TV show.

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