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07 January 2007



We watched the first season of 24 in about a week -which was very hard to do since they kept recapping the plot. But I know someone who actually did it in 24 hours!


But weren't you a little disappointed to find the last book twice as thick as the others, I was. Then again, maybe I'm just way too anal.


Emily - I can understand wanting the challenge of watching 24 in 24 hours but it can't be the best way to enjoy it.

simon, I was more relieved about the mask getting completed. But I did find the last chapter more of a slog to read because it was longer.


I loved the episodic story telling and the whole feel around this book. I liked the fact that I couldn't read it all at once, which I would have done otherwise. And then it would have been too much, too rich and thick in a way. I hadn't realised that there was a mask design on the sides of the book, I was more obsessed with the deepening blue of the cover. I think they should do a presentation box though now, something we can keep them in.


I've not read them yet but they DO look good.

And my wife and I watched the first series of 24 in one go. It doesn't take 24 hours (adverts!).

We just couldn't drag ourselves away from it and I would heartily recommend trying it.

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